Friday, June 24, 2011

The Week in Review: 6-20 to 6-24

I'm sitting here eating Hot Tamales (one of my vices) and realizing that the week is already over.  

Monday, we tried to figure out what I could use my shopping cart for.  We didn't seem to come up with anything.  

Then on Tuesday, we celebrated the First Day of Summer, which is the best day of the year.  

Wednesday, we talked about breast perspiration (does that sound better than boob sweat?), swooning and to die for dresses.  

Yesterday was a mere trifle of a post.  

Now it's time to finish this day and then head for the weekend.  My sister will be in town today, so we're going to spend some time doing sister type stuff.  Then tomorrow, Eric and I are peddling our wares at the Pine Mountain Village Arts and Crafts Show here in Eureka Springs.  

I think Sunday I might be able to relax and do nothing for about 14 minutes - possibly15.  

I hope you all have a glorious weekend!  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next week.  
Same time.  Same place.  

Be happy,

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