Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview 6: Mollie from Spleodar

Today's interview is with Mollie from Spleodar.  Mollie hails from Ireland which make me very jealous.  She also makes gorgeous things from glass.  She's extremely talented!

So, I'll quit my blathering and get on with the interview.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Mollie and I work with kiln-formed glass from my studio in rural Ireland. I prefer working on large decorative pieces such as wall panels, bowls and sculpture, but times being what they are I find my jewellery sells best. And since jewellery sells best, I find I spend much of my time making it! I suppose since even the earliest people preferred to wear their wealth, it makes sense that when money gets tighter jewellery is the last 'unnecessary' thing to go! And so I try to make every piece of jewellery a piece of art in itself. My latest necklaces came about from making miniature framed wall art. I was sitting in the studio having a cup of tea with someone and to keep my hands busy, I picked up one of the miniatures and absent-mindedly threaded a scrap of silk cord through it. Et VoilĂ ! A brand new range!
Red Spleodar Glass Necklace

2. Why do you do what you do?
I love glass. It's just so...sparkly. Why wouldn't I do what I do?! Besides, what else would I do? I can't draw. My painting is terrible. I abandoned the only scarf I ever tried to knit about 6 rows into it. My singing would burst your eardrums. Believe me, I've tried the alternatives sister, and you wouldn't be interviewing me now if I tried to pursue any of them!
Aurora Borealis Blue and Green Fused Bowl

3. How long have you been doing it? (Your craft/trade, not doing IT)

I've only been working in glass for about 11 years, after many years hanging out office cubicles linking paperclips and exfoliating my nose with sticky tape. For the last 5 years, I have been both glassworking and running my bookshop/café. And since the end of January, I've stepped back from the day to day running of the shop so I can create glass full time. And sleep. And goof off online. And watch television. Just as an aside, Glee would be a lot better if they'd just abandon all that singing, stop shoving the moral of the episode in our faces and bring in more Sue Sylvester. I also do a bit of silversmithing, but I usually stick to using silver clay these days. You can do so much more with silver clay and glass than with traditional silvermithing and glass. Lately, I've been getting more into wool felting and incorporating felt into my glass design. I have some exciting ideas for new necklaces. They're going to blow your mind. That's a promise.

4. What food will you absolutely not put in your mouth?
I've been a vegetarian since 1989, so I guess I have to say I won't eat anything with a face. Unless it's a cupcake with squashy icing hair and delicious gumdrop eyes and a sweetie mouth. I also can't abide coleslaw, but that's another story.

Cosmic Flotsam Red Fused Glass Bowl
5. Would you rather vacation in the mountains or at the beach?
Oh, wash your mouth out! Nature and I don't get on at all. I live in a place abundant with natural beauty, but give me a European city break any day. I can sit quietly and contemplate my oneness with creation any time. What I want to see when I'm vacationing is cultural diversity and plenty of noise! But if you insist on a choice, well...I don't like the mountains because 50% of the time you have to walk uphill and I'm too ginger for a beach holiday. But I guess if it's winter and cloudy and night time and I have plenty of booze, then I'll have to choose beach.

6. How far away from your birthplace do you live now?
Cosmic Currents I Fused Glass Necklace

I was born in Tallahassee, Florida. It's true. But that was a lifetime ago and I've been in Ireland longer than I was in Florida. I think that's about 4000 miles. Do I get a prize?

7. Have you ever made anything so atrocious it would end up on Regretsy?
Goodness no. But I'd love the exposure, so April...if you're reading this, like...I'm sure I could produce a Regretsy-worthy flounce if it meant you'd notice me. Please notice me. Just once.

You know what I think?  I think you should all head over to Mollie's shop, Spleodar, and buy yourself something pretty.  Then make sure you let April know that Mollie needs some attention.

Thank you Mollie for the fabulous interview!

Be happy,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ghostbusters are Thunderstruck!

The storms here are finally over.  We're still under a flood warning, but hopefully no other fatalities will occur because of it.

I'm also busy getting ready for a yard sale this weekend.

I'm also damn near brain dead.

So, instead of a normal post, I'll entertain you with a video.

Which one do I pick?

How about a mashup video of AC/DC and Ray Parker, Jr.?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview 5: Rachel with 4EweDesigns

It's interview time once more here at The Curious Crow.  Today's interview is with Rachel from 4EweDesigns.  

So, instead of me sitting here rambling, I'll just get on to the interview.  

Great White Shark

1. Who are you and what do you do?My name is Rachel, and I have recently moved to Melbourne Australia with my husband, from Michigan. So, besides getting used to an entirely new environment, I am an artist. For the first time since graduating university 8 years ago, I can say that I am an artist. It makes me happy. Mid-Michigan is not the easiest place to make a living doing art. Melbourne is excellent. During the day I am a ceramic artist. At night I sit on the couch and sew cute things from recycled wool sweaters, and drink great Australian wine.

2. Why do you do what you do?
Well, I can't do much else really. I tried my hand at many jobs, but they all have to do with people. I prefer to hole myself up the the garage and make things. My dad was a painter and a photographer and an engineer, and really encouraged me to make art. He would bring home huge sheets of blueprint paper, that would cover the kitchen floor. My brother ( who is also an artist) and I would draw and paint together. I usually painted life sized ponies. 

3. How long have you been doing it? (Your craft, not doing IT)Well, as long as I can remember I have been making things. In 4th grade I made ants from my pencil erasers, and staples. I sold them for a quarter to my classmates. It was pretty awesome,...except when I needed an eraser to erase something. I had not even one pencil with an eraser left. The teacher eventually shut me down.
The sweater animals and such I have been doing for 4 or 5 years now. I was inspired to sell them on Etsy after making a bunch for the children at church to play with during services. Everyone loved them. I like to see peoples faces light up when they see a goofy octopus or pig.

4. What’s your typical Saturday night?
That would be sewing, sewing, and more sewing. Unless I am working on a Sunday school lesson for the group of 20 or so Sudanese refugee children that attend the church I go to. They are great. I try and help them practice their reading skills. I have found that bribery helps. Then I release them to their parents on a sugar high. Oh, and it is usually Indian food night. Love Indian food.

5. If you could travel to any other country, all expenses paid, where would you go?
That would have been Australia, but now I live here! Otherwise, I would go to Japan,...again. I have been there once and loved it. I went to "Hello Kitty Land" and puked rainbows. Either that or Germany for Oktoberfest.

6. How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
I certainly don't have the patience to ever find that out. I prefer to crack my teeth, and I hate numbers...so counting is right out. 

7. Shoes, socks or bare feet? 

Rugged Rhino
Ah,...that is the question. I will tell you right now I HATE socks. Hate them. My husband loves them. It is a major source of argument in our marriage. I go for bare feet, and flip flops or "thongs" as they call them here in Australia. That leads to some great misunderstandings. And shoes? I love them. I have quite the collection. I am pretty short, so I love high heels.

So...now you know a little more about Rachel and you've seen some of the adorable things she makes. Now all you have to do is head over to her shop and buy something!

Be happy,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin, Missouri

How many more storms will there be?  Another round of tornadoes ended in disaster for Joplin, MO.  There are a number of places online where you can check on loved ones as well as places where you can donate your time, money or goods.  Poor Joplin is being hit with more storms today.  They don't look to be nearly as severe as the ones last night, but the rain can't be helping the relief efforts much.   It breaks my heart to think of what they must be going through.

Here are some links:

If anyone is wanting to donate or volunteer, please go through an organization.  Spontaneous volunteers are being turned away at the moment.  I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to help out with clean-up afterwards.  

Stay safe and go tell someone you love that you love them.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boobs and Bladders and How to Roast Them

{PRELUDE:  You know the other day I said that Blogger lost my post?  They found it again.  Remember what I said about it being the funniest thing you've ever read and how it was Pulitzer Prize worthy?  Yeah....not so much after all.  But here it is, anyway!}

The other day NPR posted a story about a new book written about the "Little House" books.  It reminded me of reading all of them as a child.

Have you read the Little House books?  When I was young, they looked like this.
I read every single one time after time after time.  Maybe since I grew up smack dab in the middle of a city, reading about farming and making balloons out of pig bladders and roasting the butchered pigs tail was more fascinating to me.  Maybe kids who grew up on farms made pig bladder balloons, and roasted pig's tails all the time.  Maybe I was missing out by playing with store-bought balloons and only being able to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, which was usually over the flame of the gas stove.  How pioneering of me. 

So, maybe you haven't read the books.  Maybe you watched the television series.
The television series wasn't really that much like the books.

Melissa Gilbert played Laura. This is her as a little rabbit-toothed, freckled-faced prairie girl.
Awww...how sweet.  She even looked a little like the real Laura Ingalls, except the real Laura looks a little pissed in this photo. 
In fact, she kind of scares me.  

But here's a picture of the fake Laura as an adult trollop who likes showing off her boobies.
Holy Visible Areola, Prairie Girl!  Pa would not approve.  

I'm all for showing a little boobage, but leave something to the imagination. If I wore something like this, I'd be scared that my boob would flop out at the most inopportune time.

I'm sure this post was initially supposed to have a point, but I'll be damned if I know what it was.  Seriously, I've gotten side-tracked so many times while trying to find Little House pics that I really don't know what I started to say.  But I'm sure it was profound and life-changing.

I guess the only thing to take from this post is to not show too much booby, and the next time your kids complain about being bored, go to the butcher and buy some pig bladders for them to bat around.

Be happy,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview 4: Brienna

It's interview time again! Today's interview is with Brienna who has a shop filled with gorgeous paintings, drawings and prints.  You really should go check out her stuff.  It's amazing!  She's got some mad skills, people.   

Now, on with the interview.  

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Brienna and I’m a surrealist painter and yoga teacher in England. I paint animal and plant hybrids, examining unusual relationships and narratives. All of my work is deeply rooted in empathizing with another living being in the context of our own happiness and suffering. It is an exploration of what it means to be alive. And some of it is just plain funny (as life is quite humorous and filled with idiosyncrasies).

2. Why do you do what you do? 

It feeds my soul. Painting is both peaceful and frustrating; it is a microcosm of all interactions with the world. It illustrates what I cannot say in words.

3. How long have you been doing it? (Your craft, not doing IT) 

In Kindergarten I remember formally deciding I was going to be a professional artist.

4. Name something (an inanimate something) you love, and why.
I don’t think I actually love anything inanimate. I love living things, like my flower garden, my husband, or my neighbor’s cat. My yoga mat and my cooking pots are perhaps the closest thing to that, but I can always replace them and I honestly wouldn’t mind. Perhaps the photographs of my favorite memories, but even those aren’t the things I cherish, the moments have already happened and I’ll always have them regardless of their tangible record. Hmm, perhaps gastronomic art, that is something I do thoroughly enjoy (to eat) and it’s inanimate (usually). 

5. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

Apathy towards others. But it is usually a sign of personal suffering so I feel sorry for the lonely island they have created in their mind.

I Head Myself In the Bird's Sad Song
6. What is your favorite popsicle flavor?

7. I think that three is the magic number. What is your magic number? 

Hmmm, in painting I adore triptychs; they seem complete. Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. What we understand of our existence is made up of three parts: birth, life, and death. Food is broken into threes: breakfast, lunch, dinner… lots of threes… I find it a very peaceful number, so I’m going to have to agree with you!

So, go check Brienna's shop.  You're bound to find something you can't live without.  

Be happy,

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last week I'd written today's post and had it scheduled to post this morning.  Sometime between then and now, Blogger lost my post.  All of it except for one paragraph.  I'm sorely disappointed.  This weekend I was busy with the art fair so I didn't have time to rewrite it.

It was hilarious, though, and may have been the funniest thing you've ever read.  Or it could have just been me rambling on about something of absolutely no consequence.  I can tell you it involved pig bladders and boobs.  I'll try and rewrite it sometime this week.  I'd try it this morning, but I have to be busy with other things that aren't nearly as fun.

I also had a post written for Friday which got lost.  It included a recipe for caramel sauce.  I'm not sure how I got on the subject of icing on that post, but I don't like icing.  I'd rather have a piece of cake with a sprinkling of powdered sugar or a dollop of whipped cream.  But on my spice cake, I want caramel sauce.

This stuff is seriously easy to make and seriously divine to eat.

1/4 c butter
1 c brown sugar
1/2 c cream or half and half.

Put the butter and brown sugar in a heavy, medium sauce pan over medium heat.  Whisk until the butter is melted; whisk in the cream.  Whisk until brown sugar is dissolved and sauce is smooth.

It only takes a few minutes to make and will keep in the fridge for a pretty long time.  It may get a little granulated in the fridge, but once you reheat it, it will become smooth again.

You can add liqueur and spices to it, but make sure you add whole spices that you can strain out.  Powdered spices will make it gritty and no one wants gritty caramel sauce.  This is also good over ice cream and cheesecake.  Heck, you can drizzle it over fried eggs if you want, but I don't think it'd taste very good.

Tomorrow we'll have another interview with an Etsy seller.  YAY!

Be happy,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lucy Could Care Less About This Post

Yesterday when I was adding the labels to my post about snot, I realized that the "baking" label was followed by the "cats" label.  Then I realized that I didn't even have the label list showing on my blog.  So I fixed that, but it still looks like one of the labels is "baking cats", which is something I recommend you definitely do not do.  For one thing, it's just mean.  For another, they're really not very tasty, and it's extremely difficult to get a cat in a roasting pan.

See?  That's my sick sense of humor and I really am joking.  I adore my cats and could never do anything to harm them.

Since I've already introduced you to Bob, I'll let you get to know Lucy now.

Lucy and Bob are sisters, but are nothing alike except that they both have cat parts.  Where Bob is very loving and will purr if she's even in the same room with you because she loves being in the same location as you THAT MUCH.  Lucy rarely purrs and is more aloof.  When she wants to be petted, she'll let you know and for the love of all things holy, don't try before then because she will be extremely put out.  

She's also not very photogenic..not because she's an ugly cat, but more because she runs from the camera because it scares her.  Maybe she thinks it will steal her soul.

She's scared of a lot of things, actually.  Any sudden noise will make her run from the room.  Cats like her are the reason why the phrase "scaredy-cat" was coined.  

This next picture of Lucy pretty much sums up her whole personality.  

She is at that age where she just doesn't give a damn anymore.  If she was a dude from New Jersey, she'd be saying, "Why you gotta keep bustin' my balls?  Always in my face with that camera.  A guy's tryin' to relax on the sofa and youse always buggin' me. Get outta here."  And then she'd scratch her crotch and adjust herself.  

Right now she's asleep, curled up on the floor beside me on top of an afghan that I bought to sell.  The cats decided that it didn't need to be sold and they've now homesteaded on it.  She's not purring because she's in the same room with me, but she does look pretty darn peaceful and content.  And I know in her crotchety old-man way, she really loves me as much as I love her.  

Be happy, 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, The Places I'll Stick Garlic!

First off, if you haven't read the interview with Stephaniemakesall, you must, you must.  And then you must get your super special secret discount.  And then you must make haste to her store and buy something.

So, the sinus/ear infection that I've been dying from since Saturday wasn't killing me fast enough, so I figured I'd might as well try and treat it.  I hate going to the doctor and I hate being on antibiotics even more.  Every time I take them, I feel like I'm doing more harm to my body than good.  Don't get me wrong, if I had something horrible going on and it was going to do some serious damage, I wouldn't hesitate about taking antibiotics.  But if I can get by with a natural remedy, then I will.

Which is how I ended up with garlic cloves shoved in my ears.  I knew that garlic is a natural antibiotic and I vaguely remember reading about garlic in the ears for an infection.  I also knew that fresh garlic directly on the skin can burn you, so I wrapped my garlic in gauze before I shoved it in my ear canals.

I would have taken a picture, but I really didn't think about it. With the gauze sticking out of my ears, I looked like Shrek.

Okay, maybe not exactly like this.  My nails don't look this manicured right now.  

The point is, the garlic may have smelled a little bit and it made me crave Italian food, but it WORKED! I left it in for about one and a half hours.  After 45 minutes, my ears started itching/tickling, and then I started having a lot of sinus drainage which was gross, but good at the same time.  Kind of like -well, I was going to compare it to Rush Limbaugh, because he's definitely gross, but I can't think of one good thing about him.  My ears are much less stopped up now and I haven't had very much pain. 

I'm also using a natural nasal spray and I'm downing Echinacea like a Paula Deen on a pound of butter. Plus, I'm taking cayenne capsules just because I take them a lot because they're good for everything.  

I feel better today than I have all week.  I still don't have much energy and my head is a little stuffy, but it's much better.  Maybe I should stick some garlic up my nose, too.  That might burn a little bit too much, though.  

Now I have to get busy and get ready for the art show that's happening this Friday and Saturday.  I'm hoping it's going to be the biggest and best art show of the year.   Eureka Springs is a tourist town known for its quirkiness, so the tourists come ready to spend money on weird stuff -which I have oodles of.  

Dear Lawd, how I'm rambling.  I really need to stop now and get busy.  

I'm not sure how much of a post I'll be able to get out tomorrow, but I'll post something. I promise. And it won't be about snot or mucous.  

Now I'm off to work.  

Be happy,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Interview with Etsy Seller Stephaniemakesall

It's interview time again!  This week's interview is with Etsy seller, Stephanie, from Stephaniemakesall.  Stephanie has generously created a coupon just for Curious Crow readers.  You guys are THAT special.  Anyway, just mosey on over to Stephaniemakesall and when you purchase something, use coupon code CBLOG at the checkout and you'll get 15% off your order.  Yay for discounts! 

I know I mentioned something about a giveaway this week and I'm not going to say it isn't going to happen at all this week, but right now it's not looking very promising.  I haven't had the time to pull anything together because I've been busy dying from a sinus/ear infection.  I've been down with it since Saturday, and it's not pretty.  I'll get to the giveaway as soon as I feel better.  

Now I'll quit whining and get on with the interview.  

Handmade Crochet Trim
1. Who are you and what do you do?
I'm just a fat chick who does awesome stuff with yarn and paper. I crochet, knit, do origami, and make journals and matchbook notebooks. 

2. Why do you do what you do? 

I love turning something simple (a piece of string or a sheet of paper) into something cool and usable 

3. How long have you been doing it? (Your craft, not doing IT) 

Recycled Matchbook Notebooks
since right before I.. oh, the craft! :) I've been crocheting since I was 6 years old, knitting since I turned 21 (got a "I Taught Myself To Knit" kit for my b-day). Have been doing origami since I was nine. I only started making journals a few months ago. 

4. If I could have a superpower, I’d want to be able to shoot lightning out of my butt. What would your superpower be?
The ability to be in 2 places at once- or invisibility. Both together would be awesome :)

5. As a child, what did you want to be when you got older? 

Criminal profiler- seriously, i still want to do it! I got this weird thing with serial killers, they facnate and repulse at the same time, you know???

6. What memorable responses have you had to your work? 

(To my wedding dress) oh cool, where did you pick that up? 

7. What flavor of jelly bean do you refuse to eat? 

no such thing!

So, skedaddle on over to Stephaniemakesall and get yourself or someone you love something really cool!  

Be happy,

Friday, May 6, 2011

You're All Winners in My Book

How did it get to be Friday already?

Yesterday I was busy with First Thursday, and although there was a setback because of a short-lived thunderstorm which resulted in a minor loss of merchandise, I still managed to sell a few things.  Yay!

But now on to the winner of this week's giveaway.

According to Mr. Random, the winning number is...

Which means that billm75 is our winner.  I'll be contacting you to get your info so you and Lillyfuzz can figure out what you'd like for your giveaway. 


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with this news bulletin.  I just got an email from the winner of the giveaway and they don't have any children young enough to use the items from Lillyfuzz.  Since we don't want her gorgeous work to go to someone who isn't able to use it, the winner has graciously bowed out of the running.  This means that the hat, baby shoes or wrist warmers are up for grabs.  Here's how we're going to do this.  The first person who leaves a comment on this post, wins.  

We now resume our regularly scheduled program.  Enjoy the show, and please don't throw your popcorn.  

Next week, we're going to have another interview with an Etsy seller who will be offering a special discount just for readers of The Curious Crow.  And, I'll be giving away something from my vintage shop - either something that's already listed or something I have yet to list.  I'll figure it out this weekend. 

I must say that I have the smartest blog readers ever.  It took you guys no time to figure out that my blue flowered bun-warmer apron should just be hung on a skirt hanger. 

It's SO obvious now that you guys told me.   

Now instead of forging ahead with my idea of putting buttonholes in it and hanging it from a dowel, I can just clip an old wooden pants hanger on it and hang it from that. 


Which makes me wonder how many other things I'm doing in my life that I'm making unnecessarily difficult. 

Can you guys just come hang out with me and be my life coaches? 

I'd even let you yell at me and thump me in the head when I was about to make my life more difficult. 

There would probably be a lot of yelling and thumping.  

Thanks for reading and for letting me derp once in awhile. 

Be happy,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a Mystery, Wrapped in a Conundrum, Topped With Some Rickrack

Before I get started with the mystery, I have to begin with: Make sure you check out the interview with Lillyfuzz, and enter to win a handmade hat, baby shoes or a set of wrist warmers.  

Now on to the sleuthing.  

I bought this thing at the thrift store not too long ago because I love the fabric and the design.  Plus, it was only a buck.  

It's cotton and everywhere you see the slanted lines of rickrack is a pocket, and the pockets are deeper than they appear.  12 pockets total.  

It would be great to hang on the wall to store stuff, but how are you supposed to hang the stupid thing?  At first I thought it slipped over a hanger, but that is not the case. It has a deep hemline on the top, but it's open - not a rod pocket - and it's sewn together in the middle.  
It's 14 inches wide and 16 inches long.  

I'd like to think that the way the pockets are designed and how well the piece is sewn, that someone really knew what they were doing when they made it.  But it doesn't seem very functional seeing as there's no way to hang it.  

So now I'm in the situation where I can't figure out if the person who made it really messed up or I'm stupid because I can't figure what it is or how to use it.  I'm sure I look like a total moron sitting here shoving my hands in the pockets and turning it over and over.  

It could be the beginning of a really skinny apron that doubles as a bun warmer.  You just stick a roll or biscuit in each pocket and then dole them out during mealtime.  Your body heat would keep the bread warm.  (No worries. I'm really not going to use it like this.)

Maybe whoever made it had a sick sense of humor and they knew that 50 years after they made it, some poor schmuck would write a blog post in an effort to try and figure out what it is.  

I know how I'm going to use it - I'm going to put some buttonholes in the top, loop some ribbon through the holes and tie it on a dowel rod.  Then I'll fill it paper or trim or biscuits for when I need a snack.  (I'd snack on the biscuits, not the paper or trim)

But I'm still bothered as to what it's actually supposed to be.  Any guesses?  

Be happy, 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview 2: Jennifer from Lillyfuzz

It's time for another interview with an Etsy seller!  Today's interview is with Jennifer from Lillyfuzz.  Jennifer has graciously donated an item from her shop for a giveaway...and you get to choose what you want!  How cool is that?  

So, your choices are:  a hat, a pair of baby shoes or a set of wrist warmers.  If you'll go check out Lillyfuzz, you'll see just how darn adorable everything is.   

To enter you must 

1.  Follow my blog or "like" The Curious Crow on FB 
2.  Go to Lillyfuzz on Etsy and leave a note about something in her shop in the comments here. 

It's that easy!  

The contest is open through Thursday, and I'll announce the winner on Friday.  

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Blue Drawstring Baby Booties
My name is Jennifer Hix and I craft under the name Lillyfuzz Crochet. I make hats, shoes, toys, and other little items for kids. I also make a few items for adults. I grew up in Arizona and have a degree in Biology from the UofA. I worked in HR until we moved to Texas and now I stay home with my kids.

2. Why do you do what you do? 
I have never been a very organized person so it came as a real shock to me when I found out how satisfying it is to take a pile of chaotic, messy yarn and turn it into something fantastic. There are some yarns that are so soft it is a real treat to work with them and luckily for me they are great for making baby gear. I love everything about crochet and the icing on the cake is the chance that someone might see and enjoy using an item I made. I like making things for other peoples children as much I as like crafting for my own!

Rosie Posie Baby Hat (How Adorable!)
3. How long have you been doing it? (Your craft, not doing IT)
Not very long actually, only 3 months or so. I kept seeing all these darling hats I wanted to buy for my kids and I figured if other people can make them then why can't I? So I went out and bought some basic supplies and loaded up some youtube how to vids and that was it. My first attempts looked terrible but I practiced in every free moment and suddenly I was turning out things there were nice. I started out as a buyer on Etsy but I wanted to put an item in the AA charity sale so I made a little shop of my own and here I am!

Rocket Ship Applique
4. Do you have any pets?
I have two kids under 2 do they count? I actually also have 2 cats who spend most of their time sleeping in places my babies can't reach.

5. Who is your hero/heroine?
My Grandma Lilly, I get my crafty abilities from her. She is the most positive wonderful person I know, she always has something nice to say about everything.

6. Shoes, socks or bare feet?
Bare feet all the way!

Crochet Halter Top
7. What food will you absolutely not put in your mouth?
Chocolate covered cherries. Ewww they go squish.. *shiver*

A huge thank you to Jennifer for taking the time to answer the questions and for delivering such awesome answers!  

Remember to enter the contest and go buy something adorable from Lillyfuzz.  

Be happy,