Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, The Places I'll Stick Garlic!

First off, if you haven't read the interview with Stephaniemakesall, you must, you must.  And then you must get your super special secret discount.  And then you must make haste to her store and buy something.

So, the sinus/ear infection that I've been dying from since Saturday wasn't killing me fast enough, so I figured I'd might as well try and treat it.  I hate going to the doctor and I hate being on antibiotics even more.  Every time I take them, I feel like I'm doing more harm to my body than good.  Don't get me wrong, if I had something horrible going on and it was going to do some serious damage, I wouldn't hesitate about taking antibiotics.  But if I can get by with a natural remedy, then I will.

Which is how I ended up with garlic cloves shoved in my ears.  I knew that garlic is a natural antibiotic and I vaguely remember reading about garlic in the ears for an infection.  I also knew that fresh garlic directly on the skin can burn you, so I wrapped my garlic in gauze before I shoved it in my ear canals.

I would have taken a picture, but I really didn't think about it. With the gauze sticking out of my ears, I looked like Shrek.

Okay, maybe not exactly like this.  My nails don't look this manicured right now.  

The point is, the garlic may have smelled a little bit and it made me crave Italian food, but it WORKED! I left it in for about one and a half hours.  After 45 minutes, my ears started itching/tickling, and then I started having a lot of sinus drainage which was gross, but good at the same time.  Kind of like -well, I was going to compare it to Rush Limbaugh, because he's definitely gross, but I can't think of one good thing about him.  My ears are much less stopped up now and I haven't had very much pain. 

I'm also using a natural nasal spray and I'm downing Echinacea like a Paula Deen on a pound of butter. Plus, I'm taking cayenne capsules just because I take them a lot because they're good for everything.  

I feel better today than I have all week.  I still don't have much energy and my head is a little stuffy, but it's much better.  Maybe I should stick some garlic up my nose, too.  That might burn a little bit too much, though.  

Now I have to get busy and get ready for the art show that's happening this Friday and Saturday.  I'm hoping it's going to be the biggest and best art show of the year.   Eureka Springs is a tourist town known for its quirkiness, so the tourists come ready to spend money on weird stuff -which I have oodles of.  

Dear Lawd, how I'm rambling.  I really need to stop now and get busy.  

I'm not sure how much of a post I'll be able to get out tomorrow, but I'll post something. I promise. And it won't be about snot or mucous.  

Now I'm off to work.  

Be happy,

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