Friday, May 6, 2011

You're All Winners in My Book

How did it get to be Friday already?

Yesterday I was busy with First Thursday, and although there was a setback because of a short-lived thunderstorm which resulted in a minor loss of merchandise, I still managed to sell a few things.  Yay!

But now on to the winner of this week's giveaway.

According to Mr. Random, the winning number is...

Which means that billm75 is our winner.  I'll be contacting you to get your info so you and Lillyfuzz can figure out what you'd like for your giveaway. 


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with this news bulletin.  I just got an email from the winner of the giveaway and they don't have any children young enough to use the items from Lillyfuzz.  Since we don't want her gorgeous work to go to someone who isn't able to use it, the winner has graciously bowed out of the running.  This means that the hat, baby shoes or wrist warmers are up for grabs.  Here's how we're going to do this.  The first person who leaves a comment on this post, wins.  

We now resume our regularly scheduled program.  Enjoy the show, and please don't throw your popcorn.  

Next week, we're going to have another interview with an Etsy seller who will be offering a special discount just for readers of The Curious Crow.  And, I'll be giving away something from my vintage shop - either something that's already listed or something I have yet to list.  I'll figure it out this weekend. 

I must say that I have the smartest blog readers ever.  It took you guys no time to figure out that my blue flowered bun-warmer apron should just be hung on a skirt hanger. 

It's SO obvious now that you guys told me.   

Now instead of forging ahead with my idea of putting buttonholes in it and hanging it from a dowel, I can just clip an old wooden pants hanger on it and hang it from that. 


Which makes me wonder how many other things I'm doing in my life that I'm making unnecessarily difficult. 

Can you guys just come hang out with me and be my life coaches? 

I'd even let you yell at me and thump me in the head when I was about to make my life more difficult. 

There would probably be a lot of yelling and thumping.  

Thanks for reading and for letting me derp once in awhile. 

Be happy,

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  1. i would love them i have a friend in need of baby things! she just took on a foster baby.