Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a Mystery, Wrapped in a Conundrum, Topped With Some Rickrack

Before I get started with the mystery, I have to begin with: Make sure you check out the interview with Lillyfuzz, and enter to win a handmade hat, baby shoes or a set of wrist warmers.  

Now on to the sleuthing.  

I bought this thing at the thrift store not too long ago because I love the fabric and the design.  Plus, it was only a buck.  

It's cotton and everywhere you see the slanted lines of rickrack is a pocket, and the pockets are deeper than they appear.  12 pockets total.  

It would be great to hang on the wall to store stuff, but how are you supposed to hang the stupid thing?  At first I thought it slipped over a hanger, but that is not the case. It has a deep hemline on the top, but it's open - not a rod pocket - and it's sewn together in the middle.  
It's 14 inches wide and 16 inches long.  

I'd like to think that the way the pockets are designed and how well the piece is sewn, that someone really knew what they were doing when they made it.  But it doesn't seem very functional seeing as there's no way to hang it.  

So now I'm in the situation where I can't figure out if the person who made it really messed up or I'm stupid because I can't figure what it is or how to use it.  I'm sure I look like a total moron sitting here shoving my hands in the pockets and turning it over and over.  

It could be the beginning of a really skinny apron that doubles as a bun warmer.  You just stick a roll or biscuit in each pocket and then dole them out during mealtime.  Your body heat would keep the bread warm.  (No worries. I'm really not going to use it like this.)

Maybe whoever made it had a sick sense of humor and they knew that 50 years after they made it, some poor schmuck would write a blog post in an effort to try and figure out what it is.  

I know how I'm going to use it - I'm going to put some buttonholes in the top, loop some ribbon through the holes and tie it on a dowel rod.  Then I'll fill it paper or trim or biscuits for when I need a snack.  (I'd snack on the biscuits, not the paper or trim)

But I'm still bothered as to what it's actually supposed to be.  Any guesses?  

Be happy, 


  1. was probably one of those genius grandmas that likes to confuse other people, I had one of those. :) It was made to confuse you!
    Or possibly hang with skirt-hangers, where there's the two clips on the ends instead of a loop. (confusing Jenn is confused too)

  2. Maybe that's why it was in the thrift store. Maybe it just wasn't finished. It looks to me like a jewellery organiser. I thought maybe it folded or rolled up, but then it doesn't look finished from the back.

  3. it's a stocking organizer made to hang in the closet on a skirt hanger. i think. or it's a funky straitjacket for a really classy crazy lady.