Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skin and Bones is the New Black

Pre-post caveat:  This rant is aimed at women who are purposely losing enough weight so they can look like a skeleton.  I realize that there are women with health issues that cause weight loss.  Please don't misunderstand where I'm coming from. 

What's the deal with models trying to look like bones in a dress?  They're getting thin to the point of being extremely unhealthy. I think that the most attractive people are the ones who are healthy and happy - no matter what their size.  

A lot of models are losing weight by: not eating, laxatives, purging, diet pills.  None of these are healthy options for shedding pounds. 

Have a look-see at the models that are clanking their bones down the runway these days: 

this is not healthy

For the love of all things holy, eat a biscuit, a spoonful of peanut butter, lick a cheeseburger, suck on a French fry.  Eat something! You don't look sexy.  You look malnourished.  

Being too thin can be as bad on your body as being too thick.  You're at a higher risk for heart problems. You have a better chance of having osteoporosis.  Your immune system can become weakened, and you may even become infertile.  

It's not just models who are starving themselves into oblivion.  It's also actresses.  

being this thin just makes your head look HUGE

And I hate to tell you, Angelina Jolie, but...

You look like this

So all of you models, actresses and other women who are losing so much weight that you look like an anatomy class specimen, stop being such horrible role models for our children.  Teenagers go through enough angst about their bodies.  Come by the house and I'll make you some meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and yeast rolls with real butter on top.  Gain a little weight. Enjoy being and looking healthy.  Dare to have a curve or two that isn't the curve of your ribs.  Relax.  Eat a spoonful of ice cream once in awhile.  You'll probably be much happier, and you'll definitely be much healthier.  

Be Happy,


  1. these women are beautiful. who are you to judge?

  2. Anonymous - It's my blog, therefore, I get to voice my opinion. I didn't say the women were ugly, I said they didn't look healthy.

  3. They don't look healthy but there bodies are everywhere! So it makes the girls and woman become insecure and want to look like them "because they have it all" They are obviously perfect since top stylist want them for models. So we starve to try and look like them...maybe we will turn a head or two.

  4. well, fashion designers are usually gay men. maybe they have some kind of hatred for women subconsciously and want to see then like skeletons. could be a reason for this craze

  5. I'm with Anonymous, 100%. And Jolie is fantastic!