Monday, August 15, 2011

Born to be Wild

Two of my sisters are coming to town today from Kansas City! OMG! Instead of them staying here at the house (because there's a boy here and ew, boys have cooties) we're getting a room in town.  A girls only room.  NO BOYS ALLOWED! 

I'm sure we'll be pulling some shenanigans and having loads of fun the next few days.  Our shenanigans won't be anything like going on a drunken rampage and pulling stop signs out of the ground with our bare hands. Instead, they'll be more like sneaking into the pool after hours, and making funny faces while we're standing in front of the Mary statue in the Catholic church.  Because we're hardcore that way! 

No matter what, It will be kind of cool to be a tourist in my own touristy hometown.  And, we'll be doing lots of junking, because that's the kind of vacations my family takes, which are a step up from our childhood when our parents used to take us on vacation just to look for rocks.  

I'll be sure and take lots of photos and post them on The Curious Crow's Facebook page. 

I already have tomorrow's interview scheduled and you should definitely read it and buy stuff from the interviewee.  

Um...I guess that's all. I have to go pack now.  

Have a good next few days and I'll be back soon. 

Be Happy,

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