Monday, June 27, 2011

He Doesn't Even Have to Wear a Cape!

Starting a home-based business is scary.  Starting one in a bad economy is even scarier. Having your boyfriend get laid off in the middle of starting a home-based business will just make you pee least on the inside. But then one day you find out that your boyfriend is going to get to use one of his many mad skills to possibly make a pretty decent salary in time.  This particular adventure will have him using his geeky, website/computer skills.  This helps me relax and not worry so much, and as an added bonus, keeps me from peeing myself.  

Meanwhile, he'll still be using one of his other mad skills to bring in extra money.  

I'm not sure how he can take a pile of these... 

And add some glass beads, and open and close a lot of rings and end up with something as pretty as this hand flower.  
Chainmail Hand Flower

Or something as nerdy as this dice bag.  
Ultra Nerdy Dice Bag (or really cool bag for a night on the town which could double as a weapon)

or as delicate as this bracelet (which is one of my favorites and similar to the one I stole from him asked him for).

 Fairy mail bracelet 

But chainmail and nerdy endeavors aren't the only thing he's good at.  

He's especially good at encouraging me.  There have been more than a few times that I wanted to quit and just sell everything in my workroom and get a normal job with normal hours.  

But he talked me out of it.   

He does the icky stuff, too, like bug-killing and cleaning out the refrigerator.  

And he loves me when I'm not very lovable. 

He really is my hero.  

I don't even know if I've ever told him that, because sometimes it's hard to say what you really want to say.  

So, now I've said to the entire Internet.  

Be happy,
P.S. I promise tomorrow I won't be so mushy.  

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