Friday, June 3, 2011

Relax (Don't Do It)

I know I've been MIA for the past week, but there's a very good reason.  Last December, I hurt my shoulder while trying to maneuver an old metal desk down a flight of stairs.  Have you ever tried to move an old metal desk?  I think I would have had better luck wrangling a drunk rhinoceros down the stairs.  Anyway, last weekend when moving boxes for the yard sale, my shoulder started hurting again.

So, I've been downing muscle relaxers like crazy.  I'd like it if the muscle relaxers actually made me happy/loopy, but they only make me lethargic. Actually, they make me happy for about 28 seconds before I drop into my stupor. There were a couple of days this week that I stayed in bed, slobbering on the pillow for the entire day.  They make my brain work less than normal and I can't afford that.

Yesterday, I managed to make it the entire day without being drugged.  But that was only because I had to be at First Thursday and no one wants to buy art from a slobbering, catatonic chick.

Today is definitely going to be a muscle relaxer day, though.

Which means I'll be doing a lot of staring off into space and sleeping.

Unfortunately, I won't be as cute sleeping as this guy

Or this one
Or this one

Instead, I'll end up more like this little Donald Trump kitty

Maybe next week, I'll have posts that actually make sense and are worthy of being read.  Until then I have some slobbering to do.  

Be happy,

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