Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't be Such a Chicken

One of my favorite ways to have chicken is roasted.  In the summer, I like to stick a can of beer up its behind and stand it up in the pan.  The beer makes the meat super moist and super tasty.  In the winter, I tend to shove green pepper and onion chunks up its behind and spread the skin with butter when I roast it.  

Why must I always be inserting something up the chicken's backside? 

Anyway, there's always leftover chicken.  In fact, this week I realized that we got 3 meals off of one chicken.  Then I figured out how much money we'd spent all week on groceries and it was around $1.35 per person per meal.  How crazy is that?  Of course, one of those meals was meatless, but still.  Part of the reason I could get so many meals out of one chicken is because I buy Pilgrim's whole chickens.  Their chickens are big - like 6 - 7 pounds each.  Plus, they're all natural and the grocery store here usually has them on sale for 99 cents a pound.  
So, one of the ways we ate leftover chicken this week was in the form of chicken salad.  Mine is pretty simple.  Chicken, onions, celery and apple.  I also like to add pecans or English walnuts if I have them on hand.  I sometimes substitute part of the mayo with cream cheese and a little fresh garlic.  It's especially good with smoked chicken.  

It's better if you make it a few hours in advance and even better the next day.  I like to eat it with fresh fruit and a little avocado.  Mmmm.  

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