Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Are Electronically Invited

I like Facebook.  It keeps me connected to friends and family on a more regular basis than I would probably do otherwise.  It also helps me connect to people I have yet to meet - people like you.  But, there's a side to Facebook that I don't like.  It seems that Facebook is more and more becoming the choice of some people to make big announcements.  Like who was born, who died, who got married, who got divorced.  

Just recently one of my sisters sent out invitations to her wedding.  And by invitations I mean that she posted on family member's FB walls telling them when and where she was getting married.  

What happened to sitting down with a stack of invitations that you picked out after spending hours pouring over the huge book of them at the stationary store, and then painstakingly addressing each one of them?  BOTH ENVELOPES!
Wedding Invitation by Shine Invitations via Etsy

Am I the only one who appreciates the feel of a real paper invitation in my hand, written with real ink by a real hand? 

 Should I let go of the silly notion of buying or making your own invitations and mailing them out?  You can still be environmentally responsible about using actual paper.  Use recycled paper.  Request that the recipients recycle the invitation.  
Recycled Paper Invitation by Jennifer Raichman via Etsy
Am I just getting old?  Am I going to start calling anyone under 30 a whippersnapper?  I sincerely hope not because I don't even like the word "whippersnapper". 

Finally, if you're going to go the e-invite route, for the love of all things holy - can't you send a pretty invitation via email?  
Digital Wedding Invitation Set by Julie Hoog Designs via Etsy

That way I could print it out, touch it and pretend like it was mailed to me.  And then I could recycle it.  

Maybe I could make an origami whippersnapper.  

Be happy, 

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