Monday, March 28, 2011

Le French

I love all things French.  Well, almost all things French.  I can't bring myself to even try escargot and foie gras tastes more like it's made from goose poop rather than goose liver.

But for the most part, I love French things.  The French language is beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to learn to speak it.  Every time I try, it just sounds like I have a lump of really dry foie gras stuck in my throat. 

On the fortunate side, I can sit and watch Amelie and be immersed in French.

I can also go check out these beautiful French things on Etsy:

Vintage Paris Souvenir Brooch by BeauPapier via Etsy

Handwritten French Letter by OhPardonMyFrench via Etsy

1950s Mon Jardin Dress by AdelaideHomesewn via Etsy

1870 French Railway Map by bananastrudel via Etsy

Antique French School Book by lapomme  via Etsy
Vintage French Postcard by FrenchPhotoBotique via Etsy

Go buy yourself some fancy French things!

Be happy,


  1. Thank you Rachel for featuring my Paris Souvenir Brooch.......oh to be there now!!

  2. Thank you for finding our beautiful French Love Letters on ETSY. We will be taking a group of ladies to shop the Paris Flea Markets on April 12th. For more info on future trips visit
    Thanks again!