Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creatures from the Cave of Horrible Pale Things

It's flip flop season again.  YAY!  I'm absolutely thrilled that it's warm enough to have my toes free from their winter confines.  However, when I actually inspected my toes this morning, I realized that they aren't exactly flip flop worthy.  The winter has turned my toes into pathetic little creatures on the end of my feet that look like they're just emerging from their sunlight-deprived, monster cave.

I was all set to go get a pedicure and then I realized that with that 25 bucks, I could buy things I actually needed. Like bubble wrap and printer ink and toilet paper.  You can't wipe with a pedicure, you know.

So I decided that I'd just paint my toenails myself.

And if I look them without my glasses on, they look pretty good.  I took a blurry pic so you could see my toes through my un-spectacled eyes.  They look great, huh? An added bonus is that you can't see all the dirt on the rug, either.

I'm not sure there's a point to this blog post other than it's finally warm enough to wear FLIP FLOPS!

And that makes me happy.

Be happy,


  1. I did the same thing today! It's 77 so time for flip flops but my feet have been hidden in boots all winter. I def need a pedicure!

  2. hey, for about 5 bucks you can get fake toenails. i'm not sure how they work - but the thought of them gives me willies. i think your toes look lovely. what a nice color. yea, spring!