Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has the Sun Died?

I'm beginning to think that the sun is never going to shine here again.  

It's been overcast and rainy and blech for way too long.  I'm not sure when we last had sunshine, but it feels like it's been longer than a Baptist sermon.  I'm not a happy camper when I've gone for more than three days without sunshine. 

In fact, I feel exactly like this.  

Sad puppy is so utterly despondent.  

I looked at Accuweather to see if the clouds were ever going to go away.  I got excited because they are forecasting sunshine for Friday...then I realized that it's April Fool's Day.  Not funny, weather people!

But I may have discovered a trick that helps fool my body into thinking there's really sunshine outside.  You remember the lamps and Magic Bulbs Full of Awesome that I bought for my photography that I wrote about here

Well...I've discovered that by turning the lamps on and facing them towards me, I feel much better.  In fact, there's one that is in front of the window and I keep thinking that there's sun coming through the window.  

They're not the same as real sunshine, but they'll do until that bastard of a sun decides to come out again.  Please let it be soon.  

Be happy, 

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