Thursday, March 24, 2011

Me Like Cookie...Cutters.

I have a slight obsession with...cookie cutters.

I have an old jar and canister filled with them that stay out on the counter top.  

And then a drawer that's so full I can't add anything else.  

The grand total is 149 cookie cutters. 

I know it may seem like some type of addiction, and in a way I guess it is.  Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm addicted to cookie cutters.    

But, there are a couple of reasons that I have so many of the darn things. 

1.  I can make 149 cookies of varying shapes and sizes.  

2.  I am on a mission to hold the world's record for the largest cookie cutter collection.  


I did a search and found out that Cecelia Thomas was featured in Women's Day for having over 300 cookie cutters.  Oh, Cecelia.  You're breakin' my heart.  
Cecelia's cookie cutter collection
However, when I searched the Guinness Book of World Record site, I couldn't find a world record for cookie cutters.

But, I want to make sure that Cecelia can't beat me.  So, I'm thinking that I need to have around 500 cookie cutters. 

500 Cookie Cutters. 
I'm not sure how I'm going to find that many cookie cutters that are within my "Cookie Cutter Domination" budget.  I find quite a few at thrift stores, but it would take me awhile to amass 351 more cutters.  And, what if I die in between now and then and don't get to see my dream come to fruition? 

Just so you know, I hate the word "fruition" and I have no idea why I used it just then. 

Anywho, I'm thinking that maybe I could start a cookie exchange.  For every one cookie cutter someone sends me, I'll send them 3 home-baked cookies.

Or maybe I'll just happen to find a bag of 351 cookie cutters for 2 dollars at the thrift store today.  

Be happy, 

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