Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tell Me a Story

A few years ago, I bought a stack of story cards that are dated 1925.  They were manufactured from The Harter School Supply Company in Cleveland.  A lot of cool vintage stuff seems to come from Cleveland. 

Anyway, I thought that I'd use them in my art.  Maybe make a triptych or something.  Years later, I haven't done a thing with them, but they are still pretty entertaining.  

At the top of the card are these directions:  Read this story carefully.  Write, in one sentence, what happened.  Draw what happened.  Write, in not more than five words, the subject of this story.  

Here is one of the stories.  If I had to write the subject in not more than five words it would be: This farmer is slightly touched.  

A farmer once went with his wife to town. They drove two horses in a spring wagon. Their children eight and ten years old stayed at home. The farmer's wife visited with a friend in town and the farmer did the shopping. About one o'clock the farmer started home. On the way he did not feel right. He felt as if he had forgotten something but he could not think what. 

When he arrived home the children shouted: "Where is Mother?"

Isn't that a heart-warming story?  Most of the stories are cute and bit dorky, and I happen to adore dorky.  

I've listed the cards in my Etsy shop.  Maybe you can find something cool to do with them.  

Be happy, 

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