Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Love About Eureka Springs in 500 Words or Less.

I live in the tourist town of Eureka Springs, AR.  I've only lived here since December so I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing tourist season.  I figured that I'd better write a few things that I love about the town before tourist season begins.  I'm sure once that happens I'll just be grumbling and cursing and being generally crabby.  

I love the architecture and all the old buildings.  The entire downtown area is on the Historic Register.   

Eureka on Southern Living's site

The old ice house

One of the great painted walls downtown.  

Looking out the old glass of The Auditorium
I love the hills and the windy roads - even when the person in front of me is driving like they've never seen a curve before.  

I love all of the springs. No one knows for sure how many there are, even though some may claim to know.  I don't think I'll volunteer to count them.  

Grotto Spring.
I love the old railroad depot that still runs dining cars during season.  I plan on spending a lot of time taking photos there now that the weather is warmer.  

And what I love most about Eureka Springs is this guy.  Even when I'm annoyed with him, there's still no one I'd rather have on my side.   

Be happy, 

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