Monday, April 30, 2012

Going Once...

Saturday was an amazing day for junking! We (Eric and I) got up and went to a few garage sales and an auction. We ended up getting a cash register for the shop for $25. We looked online and the cheapest we could find of the model we got was $190. Great deal! 

Then at at the auction we got all of this (not the cat, though). The auction was a close out of a flea market, and there was tons of stuff!

The prices at the auction were unbelievable. No one was bidding much on anything. It got to where the auctioneer just let us bring him whatever we wanted to bid on. 

So, here's the breakdown. 

The roll of tongue and groove boards was advertised as a Victorian room divider. I'm not sure I believe that's what it is. It is 5'3" tall and 9'6" long. I paid $25 for it, and don't have a clue what I'm going to use it for. Maybe it was the top to the world's largest roll top desk? There was a handle attached at one time, so I'm pretty sure it was a door to something, but I'm not sure what. That means I'm just going to make up a cool story to go with it.  If you had it, what would you use it for?

The metal milk crates were $5 each, and the wooden boxes and smaller metal crate were $2 each. 

The desk was $10 and has been refinished. Whoever did it, did a good job because they didn't sand out all of the carvings in the top that were made by various students over the years. So we still know that Trudy loves Dave forever, and that is very important information. 

The toy irons and metal plates are just adorable! I haven't decided if I'm going to sell them or keep them. 

Meet Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester. If you lift the little flap that has the crest on it, there's a 1939 calender underneath it (I'm pretty sure if you don't lift it, the calendar is still there). This and some other small things were with the metal plates. I didn't purposely bid on the Duke, but I'm sure he was a lovely man. He's up for sale on eBay...just in case he was super lovely. :)

This is the top to a Paul Schulze biscuit box, and cost me a whole 2 dollars. I'm going to put some wood on the back and use it as a frame for an assemblage. 

This cookbook is from one of the garage sales. I bought Darnit! I can't remember what I bought, but the woman threw this cookbook in for free.. I am such a sucker for old, handwritten recipes! 

Not a bad day's work, huh? 

Until next time, 


  1. I have been looking for wooden crates like those have better luck than me I guess :)

  2. I'm completely jealous! Especially since I live in the same area as you. Great finds and superb prices!