Friday, February 3, 2012

A Cameo Appearance

Last month Eric and I went junking in Bentonville. There is a pretty big thrift store there by the airport, so if you're a local you might want to check it out. Fair warning: they only accept debit/credit cards with a purchase of at least 30 bucks, so it's good to have cash on hand.

Anyway, I didn't find much. In fact, I haven't been finding much lately at all. But I did pick up this bag of crocheted flowers, trim and doilies.

I'll probably use the pieces on some dolls and I might try making a bowl out of the doilies. Have you seen the bowls made out of doilies? 

This one from Design Sponge incorporates bits and pieces of ephemera and buttons. I love it! And they seem like they're super easy to make. You drape a doily over an upside down bowl and paint it with fabric stiffener. 

But, back to my bag o' crochet. When I got home and started looking through the bag, to my surprise there was another little bag tucked in there that I didn't know was in there. And here is what was in the surprise bag: 

I know they're just plastic cameos, but I love, love, love cameos and I was just thrilled to find such a sweet surprise in the bag. I think I'll take the paler orangish one and some other bobs and bits and make a found object necklace for me. I'll probably do that with one of the black ones, too. The blue might become a brooch and the pink and the other leftovers will probably be used as molds so I can make my own cameos out of paper clay. The pink ones look like they could be candy. Heeeeeeyyyyy...I have some food-grade mold putty, so I could make chocolate cameos! 

One of the other really cool things about my bag? It was only two bucks! 

It really doesn't take much to make me happy.  

Thanks for reading! 


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