Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Summer of the Odd Vacation

I'm off this afternoon to First Thursday in Fayetteville.  

I thought while I was on the road, you might like to do a little traveling yourself.  

Atlas Obscura has the coolest, weirdest places to visit and if I had unlimited funds and a hired driver, I'd go to every single one of them.  

Places like Gibsonton, FL which has long been a wintering town for circus folk.  

Image of Gibsonton, Florida located in Gibsonton, Florida, US | Gibsonton, Florida. (Creative Commons)

Image of Crypt At Center Church-on-the-Green located in New Haven, Connecticut, US

Maybe I'd do a little shopping at Tail of the Yak in Elmwood, CA.  

Image of Tail of the Yak located in Berkeley, California, US | Tail of the Yak. (Creative Commons)

There are pages and pages filled with amazing places.  You can even select a particular location and see what it has to offer.  

There are only 4 places listed in Arkansas and 2 of them are in Eureka Springs.  There are way more than 4 odd places in Arkansas.  I may have to submit a few myself.  

Anyway, if you like unique places, you'll love Atlas Obscura

Be Happy,

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