Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interview 11: Jessi from CrystalFyre

{I screwed up Jessi's shop name and I just feel like a great big goober for doing it.  I've corrected it, now.  Jessi's username on Etsy is evoneli, but her shop name is CrystalFyre.}

We're due for another interview with an Etsy seller.  Today we're talking with Jessi from CrystalFyre.  Jessi makes super cool bracelets and I'll let you tell her what she does with the proceeds that makes her super cool, too.    

X Series Paracord Survival Bracelet
Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Jessi Beam. I'm a spunky girl with a lot of passion for creating random things. Currently I make Paracord Survival Bracelets that help out the American Brain Tumor Association. I've also been known to do some Crochet, Charm making, Buttons, and other various little things.

Neon Green Bracelet
Why do you do what you do?
I like to make people happy. That's what started all of this for me. Holiday? I'll hand make you a plushie or a clay work that's better then any average store bought gift. And It really continued from there to, Hey!, Maybe I should put some of my crafty things online! Yay! Other people like them ^.^ . And of course, I like doing what I can for which ever charity I'm currently working with. Be it The ABTA or Toys for Tots around Xmas Season.

Colonial Blue Bracelet
How long have you been doing it? (Your craft/trade, not doing IT) 

I've been crafting since I was in Elementary school. I'd bring in clay pieces and things I made of paper craft and sell them to my school mates. That continued way into high school, where I expanded into Graphic design and came up with the name CrystalFyre. I'm currently working on building my screen printing press - Something I've always dreamed of having for years.

I think that three is the magic number. What is your magic number? 
Rose Pink Bracelet
I agree. I like the number 3. I tend to group things into Threes actually. I always hang out with people in a group of three. Maybe I'm OCD. I'll have to look into it.

Who's your favorite Muppet? 
The ones on fire.

What's your favorite knock-knock joke? 
Knock Knock! Who's there? You're Face! -Punch person and walk away-
Not exactly a normal knock knock joke, but I guarantee they won't be asking you for more knock knock jokes =)

Thank you Jessi, for such an entertaining interview! Now all of you should head over to CrystalFyre and buy a bracelet and support a good cause.  Go now! 

Be Happy,

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