Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Q & A. A Giveaway. Another Rainy Day. Oy Vey!

UPDATE:  The package arrived today and the giveaway will include a soap sample,too.  It smells so good and the earrings are GORGEOUS!  

It's almost time for the first Curious Crow interview and I'm so excited!  

Our first seller interview is with Clare.  Clare's shop is Mylana on Etsy.  Clare makes awesome soap, candles and gorgeous jewelry.  AND...she's been generous enough that she's giving away a pair of earrings, and you'll be able to enter to win the earrings tomorrow right here on The Curious Crow.  Woohoo!  

At the moment I don't have a pic of the earrings, but I'm hoping that I'll get them in the mail today or the next so I can let you guys see them.  But judging from Clare's other earrings, they're gonna be fabulous.  

Stop back by tomorrow and read about Clare and why she does what she does, and then enter to win!  It's gonna be great! 

Okay, I just used so many exclamation points that I'm starting to look perky.  We can't have that, so it's time for me to gripe for a little bit.  

Do you know it's been raining here for days and days and days?  It's an unbelievable amount of rain and I'm not sure if it will ever stop.  There is flooding in the area and some reports are stating that we've had over 10 inches in the past three days.  

This is what the radar looks like at the moment.  We live at the purple X so we're in for more rain today.  I'm really quite tired of it.  We may be flooded in, too.  There's a lake near the house and if it's flooded we're screwed.  There's no other way out.  WE'RE TRAPPED! DOOMED! THE HORROR! 

There's a chance I'm being a little overly dramatic about the entire thing.  

Okay, that's enough bitching for now.  

Make sure you go check out Mylana and come back tomorrow for the interview and giveaway.  

Be happy,

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