Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Do You Do It?

Today I was up at 7:30.  I was out of the house at 9:30 to run errands.  I went to the post office to mail some packages, dropped the overdue books off at the library and then stopped by one of the local churches to pick up some burlap coffee bean bags.  I really don't know why the church has burlap coffee bean bags, but they do and they were free so I got some.  I think I'll make throw pillow out of them.  I'll post about them later.  

Then I went to 4 thrift stores and then grocery shopping at two stores.  

I got home at around 2:30, put away the groceries and then sat down and sent some email.  I still have to take pictures to post new items on my Etsy shops then actually post the items, sort the things I bought today, make dinner, do laundry, clean a little bit of the house, get ready for a yard sale, make new art for two shows I'll be in next month, plant the flowers and herbs I got today, put in a veggie garden, furnish and decorate the back porch, get ready for Eric's daughter who will be here next weekend for 4 months, package sold items to ship, put some things on eBay, make a treasury for each of my shops, read and comment on blogs, write my own blog, tweet, FB and a million other projects I have on my to-do list and somehow find time to relax for a minute or two - not to mention actually paying attention to Eric.  

I don't know how you women with little ones do it.  I know I did it once, but my kids are grown now and I am so glad they are.  I don't have the energy to keep up with kids anymore.  

So, as I sit here and look at my huge to do list, I wonder if I'm missing some key ingredient on how to do it all without going nuts.  I'm actually not so far from being nuts anyway, so it's going to be a pretty short trip.  


Be happy, 

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  1. Man, I'm in the same boat as you, though from the other end in that I haven't decided to have kids yet. It feels like there aren't enough hours in the day already, I can't imagine what having kids is like.